Social Impact

Building engagement on social issues to create a more vibrant and sustainable future is key.

Whether our team is working with a corporate, non-profit or foundation client, our focus is on demonstrating social impact through creative content and flawlessly executed communications campaigns.

Drawing on our team’s deep expertise in major issues such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental sustainability and global development, we create strategies and programmes that reach and engage advocates for positive social change.

For corporate clients, we build programmes that demonstrate CSR and sustainability leadership, elevating executive leaders, and building relationships across employees and consumers. We tackle the key questions with clients: How do we demonstrate corporate citizenship? How do we show we’re a responsible company? How do we show the innovation at the centre of our work to be a more sustainable enterprise?

We understand the stakeholder landscape and build strong, strategic collaborations across public and private sectors to show how companies and their partners are creating shared value.

For non-profit organisations, we excel in designing programs that build brands and bring missions to life. We tackle the key questions with clients: How do we capitalise on ever-expanding opportunities to engage across social and digital platforms? How do we inspire advocates and donors to take action? How do we measure and communicate impact?

We bring a unique understanding of how to tell compelling stories around often complex social issues and offer a range of services, including:

  • Creative platform and message development
  • Public education campaigns
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Issue advocacy
  • Media relations
  • Reputation management
  • Partnership development
  • Executive visibility
  • Social engagement
  • Digital strategy and creative content.

We tell the stories of organisations that are building shared value through CSR, philanthropy and non-profit advocacy. We bring big ideas to life and inspire advocates to take action with demonstrable impact worldwide. Whether it’s an effort to tackle a complex issue such as global poverty, jumpstart a movement focused on social justice or mobilise employees as sustainability storytellers, we know how to create content that captures attention, engages audiences and achieves results.