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Unboxing the Communication on Decarbonising Transport

20 Jul 2016

In progressing with its commitment to shifting to a low-carbon economy, the European Commission published its Communication entitled ‘A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility’. This text sets out the Commission’s vision in achieving this goal, and notes that the optimal approach is three-pronged: more efficient transport, low-emission alternative energy for transport and low- and zero emission vehicles.
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Blog #69: Building teams for an agile, digital world

17 Jul 2016

“I’m sure it used to be a lot sunnier in June when I was a kid…” This was my response to a colleague the other day when we were bemoaning the spell of unseasonably depressing weather that has been battering much of northern Europe in recent weeks. Despite the effects (or not) of global warming, I’ve no doubt my sun-filled childhood summers are viewed through rose-tinted sunglasses. And I suspect these tints also come into play when we think about marketing back in the “good old days” as another colleague pined recently: “Life was simpler back then, it was all lot less complex”.
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Understanding the implications of Brexit

05 Jul 2016

Following the referendum in June 2016, Britain has voted to leave the European Union. Arguably, this is the biggest issue facing business in a generation. The impact of Britain's exit and the way that it is managed will shape our economy and our relationship with the rest of the world for the long-term. Weber Shandwick can help you understand the political and economic implications, the form of settlement that might be undertaken, and help you shape the detail to limit the downsides and maximise any upsides.
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Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU – A Weber Shandwick Memo

30 Jun 2016

Slovakia will take over the six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union on 1 July 2016, leading the discussions in the Council for the first time since its accession into the EU in 2004. You will find our insights on Slovakia’s priorities in our Presidency Memo. Covering a broad range of policy areas from energy, digital, environment, and climate, to transport, trade, social, and healthcare, we hope it may guide your advocacy for the next six months.

12 Questions with Ben Fox

24 Jun 2016

Social media and the campaigns that drive brand success, are nothing without the people who make things happen! Here are 12 questions with our Digital Strategist, Ben Fox.

UK Referendum – scenarios, procedures and models

17 Jun 2016

June 23 will mark a turning point in Europe’s history, when the UK votes on whether or not to leave the European Union. Without speculating on the results, this Weber Shandwick memo provides a brief overview of the potential scenarios that could emerge following the referendum. We take a deep dive into the negotiation procedures for both revoking membership and developing a new framework for the UK-EU relationship, should British voters decide to leave. Five possible models for what that future relationship could look like are also examined.

Stand-out Success at the 2016 EMEA SABREs

31 May 2016

Weber Shandwick was named EMEA Digital Consultancy of the Year by The Holmes Report at the EMEA SABRE Awards held last week in Berlin. In addition, the Follow Felix campaign developed for Nestlé Purina Petcare by Weber Shandwick Team N in Germany won the Platinum SABRE Award for Best in Show. Clients and teams from Weber Shandwick and Prime were presented with a total of five Gold category honours and two In2 SABRE awards. Looking to the geographic consultancy categories, Weber Shandwick was named Iberian Consultancy of the Year and Prime, Nordic Consultancy of the Year.
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Weber Shandwick Named PRWeek Global Agency of the Year for the Second Year in a Row

04 May 2016

Weber Shandwick was named Global Agency of the Year at the 2016 PRWeek Global Awards, marking the second year in a row the firm has earned this honour. The award recognises firms that demonstrate great business results, talent development, community leadership, innovation and outstanding customer relationships across at least three different continents. Weber Shandwick was also named Large Agency of the Year and overall Agency of the Year at the PRWeek U.S. Awards earlier this year.

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